Hi everyone and welcome! I am so excited to connect with you. My Dharma (true nature) in this life is to offer healing, awakening, consciousness, and deep awareness to others, as I continuously practice this remembrance myself.

I’m Claircognizant, and have been intuitive and energetically sensitive since childhood. I have an ability to sense what can not always be physically seen. Owls have been a constant spiritual connection for me my entire life, hence the name Ohm Owl.

As a competitive gymnast for my entire young life, I was already experiencing pain in my body after I finished college. I was working at a busy emergency veterinary hospital, and I had little energy for my health and wellness. I could only imagine how the busy on-call doctors felt. It was then that the healing light bulb really went off. I decided to stop denying my innate spiritual self, and focus on yoga and holistic wellness. It didn’t take long to realize this was the right path for me. My true calling is to offer the world holistic health, healing, and wellness of being.

Over the past 6+ years, my countless teaching and healing experiences, have shaped my unique sharing style today. My own struggles prompted me to study, and apply holistic life practices to my personal life. This has provided me with a strong foundation from which to share with you. With patience, and a little guidance, our struggles can be a gateway to uncover our greatest gifts.

My ample wellness experiences include my years in yoga teaching and yoga studio management, instructing abroad in Costa Rica, yoga for a juvenile hall, yoga for schools, Energetic and Shamanic Healing, Reiki and Sound Healing, trauma healing knowledge, and much more.

With 6+ years of yoga and holistic experience, I am passionate about teaching others accessible tools to infuse mindfulness in all ways, into their everyday life.

We all deserve to walk this life as our Best Selves. I truly believe that when we begin to heal ourselves, we begin to heal this world.

When you become dedicated to your wellness, everything begins to shift, and uplift. I look forward to working with you. Sat Nam.