Holistic Wellness & Healing
Wellness is no longer a question of why, but how?

Ohm Owl answers this ‘how’ through holistic coaching and guidance. Utilizing Yoga, Fitness, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Meditation, and other Holistic Healing modalities.

What would the ability to be more present, peaceful, and healthy, mean for your life? How would your daily existence, work life, home life, relationships, creativity, productivity, benefit from you feeling more whole and balanced? If you feel this call within you, that’s your higher awareness saying it’s your time to heal and thrive! Let’s connect.

Meet Christine


Hi everyone and welcome! I am so excited to connect with you. My Dharma, true nature, in this life is to offer healing, awakening, consciousness, and deep awareness to others, as I continuously practice this remembrance myself.

Our Offerings


Work one-on-one, or in a private group setting, with personalized programs.


There’s no question, you and your employees work hard. What affects your team, affects your organization and its output. Wellness in the workspace can bring your business to the next level.

How Wellness Training Helps

The healing benefits of holistic and mindfulness practices are transformative. Holistic Wellness coaching through Ohm Owl is a guide to help you evolve your physical, mental, and energetic well-being.

Support with the Management of Challenging Conditions
Chronic Insomnia
Body Acceptance
Mindfulness Training
Healing from Childhood Pain

Common Challenges
Work/Life Balance
Time Management
Sleep Concerns
Managing Stress
Significant Life Transitions
Defining and Achieving Goals
Healthy Lifestyle Support
Building Self Care Routines

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